Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm in Maui, Hawaii! I thought I'd be posting everyday, but I haven't had any time!

We got here last Tuesday...hmmm where to begin?

We've driven the road to Hana (absolutely incredible.) Taken the "off limits" road to circle the island (not the smartest thing, but I thought they were just trying to keep tourists away & I was afraid I'd miss something good!) It turned out to be the "ugly" desert, desolate side of the island. With a bumpy old single lane dirt road for MILES, oh well...

We came to Maui to watch my son's football game-which they won 48-10! Elijah played an awesome game at Linebacker. He didn't get as much offense as normal (running back,) but that will come later I'm sure.

Today we went to a Maui church, which was just like the one in the movie Soul Surfer. Loved how it wasn't enclosed. Then we just hung out and body surfed, putted on the golf course in front of our condo & had a relaxing day.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to paddle board...looks like fun, we'll see how easy it is! Wish I hadn't watched Shark Week before I came here!:(

Feeling a little nervous!

Here's a few 'Phone' pictures until I can get home and download the good camera shots!

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Debbie said...

How exciting to be in Maui! And I'm familiar with the drive to Hana. We did that many years ago and it was breathtaking. However, we did not circle around the other side like you did. I guess I'm glad we didn't. :)


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Aloha, beautiful pictures!!!