Saturday, August 20, 2011


I just received some incredible news from Megan (Ari's mommy.) Please click on her link...we are all witnessing a miracle in the making!

Prayers work...keep them coming!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! ...well, i tried to let you a comment last thursday but it doesn't works, arrgh... just tell you that i'm just discovering your blog "Bowl of inspiration" and i really love it. I like how you speak about your faith and Jesus, not too preachy, just the right words. I feel your words are coming straight out from your heart... I will definitly follow your blog :)

Lisa Petrarca said...

Thank you so much Gigi & I've fixed the problem on my 'Bowl of Inspiration" blog so you can comment from now on. I also wanted to follow you, but was unable to get on your blog:(