Monday, October 24, 2011

The Challenge-Roggin's Heroes-Elijah Herrera

Last night we were sitting around the t.v., eating warm chocolate chip cookies, big ice cold glasses of milk and watching the weekly Channel 4 show, The Challenge with Fred Roggin & Petros Papadakis, which comes on after the NFL game.

Now let's rewind to preface my story, last Friday night, my son Elijah, set an Edison High School record, by returning a kick off 99 yards for a touchdown. I was snapping pictures as usual from the stands, which unfortunately doesn't allow me to 'watch' it like everyone else. It's a bird's eye view through a lens...definitely not the full effect of the event.

The week prior I was in the hospital & unable to attend his big homecoming game (he plays running back, outside linebacker & kick off return) we won! Luckily this week I was there to witness this huge accomplishment. Our high school is a Division I, Powerhouse School with tons of GREAT players over the years, who've gone on to play at USC, UCLA, OKLAHOMA, BOISE STATE, UTAH, BYU...just to name a few. To have Elijah entered in the record books is quiet an honor.

Fast husband, Elijah & myself relaxing on the couch, waiting for our favorite part of the show to come on, "Roggin's Heroes," where they feature the TOP High School plays of the week, to the tune of music & the commentator's. Suddenly towards the end of the show, they say, "Well if you like that, you'll LOVE this, Elijah Herrera..." WHAT? We all perk up, lean towards the t.v. & Anthony says, "HEY, THERE YOU ARE!" Elijah's big, record setting play, featured on one of our favorite shows...and I actually got to see the whole run away from my camera! I started screaming (Ya, I'm kind of obnoxious when I get excited.) Elijah said, "Mom, I didn't get to hear what they said at the end because you were yelling to loud!" Oops...

So here it is...SO PROUD OF HIM! He's worked so incredibly hard this year. Hoping it'll pay off with some scholarship offers to D1 or DII school's. He's only a junior so he still has one more year. CONGRATS ELIJAH!

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DUTA said...

I always derive pleasure from your family stories.

Nothing can compete with the words and feelings of a proud mother. You have every reason to be proud of Elijah.
I wish him lots of success in his studies and in sports.

April said...

Woot!Woot! Go Lijey!!!