Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Help For Lung Cancer Cough

I'm reaching out to all of you for help. As most of you know, my dad (step-dad), Dave has been battling 4th stage inoperable lung cancer. He has defied the odds. It has been 4 years since his original diagnosis.
My mom, Carrie & Dad, Dave with Detroit Red Wings Head Coach Mike Babcock
Lately however we received some disturbing news that it has traveled to his brain. We continue to Pray and have Faith that the Lord can heal him. He already has given us 4 years since his original diagnosis.

The immediate problem my dad is facing right now however is the horrendous cough. It is 24/7 and is completely debilitating. He needs rest so his body can heal, but the cough keeps him awake. I'm hoping that someone will read this post who has experienced or had a family member/friend go through this and may have heard of something that gives relief for 'lung cancer cough.'

Please leave a comment, links or any information you may have
or have heard of that may give him some relief.
Hubby Anthony, Elijah, me, my dad, mom & Stacy
 Private room to meet the Detroit Red Wings Coaches-Gift to my dad! READ ABOUT IT HERE


Anonymous said...

I hope your dad gets well soon! It sounds like he has a wonderful family supporting him. Fortunately I do not know anyone with lung cancer, but if i find out any useful information i'll let you know!

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