Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrating a Miracle

Honda Center after the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Mighty Ducks
Waiting to meet coaches & players:
My hubby, Elijah, Me, Dad, Mom, sister Stacy

I feel like I've been gone forever! But the little break was important...we were celebrating a miracle! Not a small miracle, but a real life, honest to goodness answer to over a years worth of prayers.

As many of you know, my dad has been battling 4th stage, inoperable lung cancer and given no more than a year to live. After his most recent CT scan his pulmonoligist told him, "If I hadn't known your background, I never would've known you had cancer." They've never had a patient at their facility, in such an advanced stage of cancer survive this long. He is currently on maintenance drugs.

My mom and dad made a celebration/birthday trip out to attend my dad's favorite hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings southwest games, (which he actually was asked to try out for when he was a young goalie growing up in Michigan. He enlisted in the Marines to serve his country instead & then came back & played Semi-Pro Hockey for the Reno Aces.)

The Red Wings and their owners, the Ilitch family are an incredible, caring group of people. They gave us passes to go down after one of the games. We were taken into a private room to meet the head coach, Mike Babcock (also the gold medal winning coach for the Canadian Olympic hockey team) and his coaching staff. Coach Babcock invited my dad to attend their private practice in Phoenix & then had him come into the locker room to hang out with the guys also.
My mom & dad w/ Coach Babcock

Coach Babcock, Me, My Dad, Asst Coaches Paul Maclean & Brad McCrimmon

My dad has won the battle of his life, been given a second chance & had his dream of meeting & hanging out with his favorite team/coach fulfilled. We feel so blessed and honored to have been a part of this AWESOME event!

My mom cracks me up-she went up to this player & said, "Who are you?
You're cute, will you take a picture with us?"

Elijah-goofing around in the holding area

Hanging out w/the press waiting to meet the coaches

More Detroit Red Wing Players.

Red Wings vs. The Kings Game-a couple nights before

No Anthony wasn't eating two pizza's-he's holding mine!

Thanks for taking us mom & dad-it was AWESOME!

My cousin's wife-Amy & sister Stacy


StacyB said...

I love it all.

Leesa said...

OMGosh Lis...

That is incredible and brought tears to my eyes as I was reading it...
Your parents- are SOOOO adorable!! And what an honor and a memorable moment for your dad and for all of you... WOW! It's a true blessing...
I am praying for your dad and for all of you...
You're GORGEOUS in your pics, by the way!! Is Baywatch still on the air?? I think you should try out for it...
You are the true epitomy for California girl!
Hugs hugs and more hugs to all of you!

April said...

That's awesome Lis! Thanks for sharing and I loved seeing all of the pics! Thanks for making that happen for dad! He so deserves all of the blessings that he is receiving. I wish I could have been down there to celebrate with all of you, but happy you guys got to take part in it! Love you!:)

Lucy said...

Thank you Lisa, for letting me see happiness even when you know your dad has cancer and to look at him he looks so happy and really great. I know we will get through this fine but Joe is a stubborn man and I just had to take matters into my own hands and get a mechanical answer that Joe could really understand, right down to the wires name and what it did. At 81 I am just plain worn out from dealing with one thing after another. If it were not for my blogging friends to listen when I need them, and you always offer much needed comfort. Neil is doing pretty good. He still uses a walker because of his pelvis being broken plus his back still needs support. He still has about 10 months before he can even think of going back to work.

DUTA said...

Such a touching story revolving around your Dad!
You all look great in the pictures!
Blessings to you all!

The Photodiarist said...

That's incredible Lisa! I am so glad that I stopped and read this. Such a fantastic thing!

Z--- said...

good pictures!xx

Anonymous said...

Lisa, this sure lifted up my spirit to face world and be strong to go against all odds. Your dad is such a strong and happy man himself, no wonder you are so too. And I bet you got that quirky trait from your mum. Haha. She's cute. Anyway, I enjoyed this very much.The fact that he's still around for you all despite his cancer, I would say, hail God.! Thanks for your comments. I am happy with my life now, it's just tiring sometimes.. don't worry. :] Have a nice day.