Thursday, March 10, 2011

Only in Southern California

Elephant in the clouds
double click photo's for larger view

We took a trip out to Moreno Valley for a funeral service for our friends dad who passed away. It was a touching & beautiful service, which is exactly how it should be done-'A Celebration of Life.'

We were driving home & I noticed the amazing light shining down through the clouds. I was thankful I had my camera with me...these are the things that took my breath away.

It's as if the Lord was guiding him home...

The following week while my parents were here visiting we headed down to the beach to grab a bite to eat and sit out in the warm California sunshine, catching some rays.

They really enjoyed this...they live in Utah and it's snowing & freezing there this time of year. It was really windy as we headed down to the pier. I turned to take a few shots of the beach & palm trees when I noticed the picturesque snow capped mountain tops framing the palm trees.

Only in Southern California can you head out in the morning to surf and then an hour later be on the slopes snow boarding/skiing.

I don't think I could ever live anywhere else...

all photos by: lisa petrarca


Kimmy said...

What great photos!! Where the heck was that elephant?? Zoo, I hope! LOL

Sorry about your friend's dad passing though. That is always a sad and depressing thing.

Lisa Petrarca said...

No Kimmy, it was actually a statue on the side of the freeway...tricked ya!LOL!

Trop Rouge said...

really beautiful! Thanks for the kind words pretty lady.

Sofi Stellar said...

Wow, these photos are SO pretty. Really beautiful blog you have. <3

Lucy said...

Out of all of my 8 brothers and sisters the next to the youngest, who was me is the only one who left and moved to Ca. and never looked back. I am the only one left out of the 8 siblings. Even with kids of my own, I miss my family.