Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Officially Over & Begun

My photo break is officially over. During my "time off" I planned on finishing a book that I've been writing & working on for over a year, however, that familiar self doubt started to creep in and I often found myself looking for other things (blogging - 'quick fix' for my inner writing bug) instead of being as diligent as I had hoped.

Now track season has officially begun...picture time! I love taking pictures almost as much as writing, but with the amount of shots I have to take (all of the boy sprinters) I sometimes find myself getting a little overwhelmed, (going through the 300+ photo's weekly, deleting, editing, downloading & emailing.) Why can't I just be independently wealthy so I can spend ALL my time writing & taking pictures? tends to get in the way of my true passions. Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY thankful to have a job & especially with two AMAZINGLY incredible bosses who go out of their way to thank me daily (I mean really, who gets thanked as they leave everyday) but work is still work right? Enough about me...blah blah blah...I can go on forever sometimes!

Welcome to track season...and...for my fashion friends (I don't want you to be too bored) check out the spikes (running shoes) most of the boys design their own online at Nike

my son Elijah (left) 10th grader running Varsity-woo hoo!
Coming from behind on the outside-
4x100 Meter Relay

intense race!

We won our heat!

4x200 Meter Relay **we won again**

some of the hurdlers

love capturing the intensity on their faces!

Congratulating the little sophomore on running so well!

We're off to a great start, especially considering we haven't had a track to practice on yet (they've been putting in a new all weather track & we don't know when their going to be done.) Makes it a little tough on the boys & coaches. Luckily they were pleasantly surprised!

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