Monday, March 28, 2011

Wearing Gas Masks?

Recently I heard that Israel was bombed. I have a dear blogger friend, Duta, who I was worried about. She's a wonderful lady who has an amazing blog. She posts pictures of places she visits along with very interesting stories. Stories that as American's, we only hear about on the news (which often gives a somewhat unrealistic view.) Her latest post shows a picture of her wearing a gas mask in 1991, and hiding out as stud missiles were heard all around her during the Gulf War.

Please stop by her blog "Places with Character" and see the pictures & read her story. It truly touched me & made me realize just how sheltered we really are here in America.

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DUTA said...

Lisa, thank you for mentioning my blog and my last post. I'm honoured and flattered.

Actually in my last post I wanted to focus on the city of Ramat-Gan which is an amazing place from many points of view.

Unfortunately, this town became famous especially because of the Scud missiles that hit it in 1991 during the Gulf War; so it is this fact and the mask wearing, that mostly attracts the attention of the readers.

Let's hope Peace will prevail in the region and no more missiles and maskd be used.