Monday, March 21, 2011

FAVORITE FINDS (Fashion, Makeup & More)

This vintage Sergio Valente jean jacket, is my all time fav...I've had it forever. Check out the details (red stitching, buttons, & cattle emblem.) This will be handed is in my closet forever!

Vintage Sergio Valente jean jacket (bought in the 80's)

A few years ago I had a severe eye infection which forced me to give up my contact lenses, (or risk going blind.) I was would I ever find cute "prescription" sunglasses?

To my amazement, I found out that I could take any old pair of sunglasses into my eye Dr.'s & have them turned into prescription for only $100.00.

Gucci Sunglasses (purchased at Nordstrom Rack for $80.00,
Full Price $325.00

I found this "train conductor" hat (as my hubby calls it) at a sample sale a few years ago. My hubby teased me every time I wore it, but I think he's finally accepted it (especially when I caught him trying to steal it to wear golfing!) It's now officially one of my fav's. I throw it on to go to the gym, bad hair days or when I'm feeling lazy (which seems to be quite often these days.)

Peter Grimm Headwear- Link (cool hats for cheap)

My NIKE running shoes, (a Christmas present) are incredibly comfortable & they have the breathable fabric which is a must for me. They're also on sale @ Sports Chalet for cheap right now.

Finally, let's talk makeup. I spent years wearing MAC & noticed that it didn't work for a girl with dry skin. I always ended up flaky. I switched to CHANEL...which I loved BUT (yes a BIG but) it was so expensive. I finally found the BEST, NATURAL RICE makeup ever! It's made by PALLADIO, goes on dry or wet, never dry's out your skin & cleared up my break-outs (natural ingredients.) It's available at Sally's Beauty Supply for $10.00. Yes 10 bucks!

You SERIOUSLY have to try this makeup!!


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love the jean jacket :)

<3 steffy
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Very Very Fashion.