Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy 43rd Birthday John-WE MISS YOU!

My brother John's birthday & me
Today my brother John would've been 43 years old. I often wonder what he would look like. If he would have more wrinkles than me so I could tease him about it and get him mad at me.
He always had a quick temper and I loved playing jokes and teasing him unmercifully.

What are big sister's for?

John, me & Stacy (in the background)
When he was little, he did everything I told him, even playing with Barbie's because I promised to play cars with him if he did. But once we were done, I said, "No, I don't feel like playing cars." 
He'd get so mad at me, cry and tell on me. 
I often wonder if my teasing and tormenting contributed to his quick temper!lol!

The two of us spent every summer in Reno, NV for a month visiting our dad. During our vacation my dad & step mom, who have property up at Frenchman's, we learned to entertain ourselves. Hiking, catching frogs, fishing, sleeping out in the open on cots under the stars (now that I think about it, I wonder why we or our parents never worried about bears!lol! I wouldn't do it now.)
John was a good sport & while using our imaginations to fill our days,
I decided we'd have a balance beam competition on the trees that had fallen over the river.
I'd do the first trick & then he had to top me. 
Needless to say, I liked to play games I knew I'd win. 
He'd eventually fall into the water giving me a good laugh at his expense!
Me, John, Stacy & my dad-Mike (camping/hunting)  
My baptism (8 yrs old)
John, Me & Stace
As the years went by and he grew bigger and stronger, I was a little more careful about teasing because he chased me down. I needed to make sure I was close enough to the bathroom to lock myself inside, laughing at him as he pounded on the door.

Stacy, lil sis April, Great Grandpa Henry, John (goofball) & Me (Dorothy Hamill haircut)
My mom-Carrie, Aunt Fran, John, Grandma Bolda, cousin Christina, 
brother David, dad-Dave, me, April and uncle in Michigan

John (he played ice hockey) & me in background (I figure skated)

Usually I just gave him a daily scare. Hiding around a corner, jumping out, screaming, 
just to see him freeze in a karate position and laugh at him.

Vacation in Michigan-Me & John with cousins, & lil brother & sister (David & April)

He got me back when we were older. Driving me in the snow, down the back roads in Utah, spinning us around in the car while I yelled at him to stop before we got in an accident, he just laughed at me. Yep, he had years of torment to make up for.

He had an incredible sense of humor, fun loving, dare devil and always the life of the party.

As the years go by, the love never lessens.  
Happy Birthday John, I love and miss you and will see you again one day.

Until then, I will honor you annually with the fun good memories that you left for all of us.

Love always, Your big sis, Lisi
John & baby brother Bryan


Dixie Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your baby brother. What great pictures and memories to cherish.

StacyB said...

What a beautiful tribute, Lis. Oh how I miss him!

Kimmy said...

What a lovely tribute! Happy Birthday to your lil brother! So sorry for your loss :o(

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Written with tenderness and feeling.
A very special tribute to your brother. His spirit is still with you.xx

Lisa Petrarca said...

Thank you all for your comments. Those are the memories that continue to make me smile!:D