Friday, October 28, 2011

Homecoming Fashion 2011

Over the years fashion & dance rules sure have changed. Most of the kids would rather go with a group of friends rather than have dates. They want to "keep their options open." My hubby never wants to let Elijah go unless he has a I have to tell him, "Times have changed since the 80's!"

So let me share a little Homecoming 2011 Fashion Show with y'all. The boys tend to dress down & have fun with their looks, while the girls follow the latest fashion trends. Luckily the internet has afforded us with an availability to view fashion from all over the world. This definitely helps the girls in their dress/shoe choices, since in our laid back beach community dressing up usually consists of putting on a pair of closed toe shoes instead of flip flops.
Trenton & my son Elijah (best friends!)
 A BIG thanks to my step-mom Rolene who took these photo's for me while I was in the hospital. It's always a fun event for the parents too. We hang out, eat, drink, visit & take pictures at the pre-dance party. It's quite an evening for everyone!


April said...! That's really weird to me though that they don't go with dates! I think there should still be some date dances! I mean, you want to brag about the hot guy or girl that your with right! And what about all of the creative ways to ask/answer them to go to the dance?? Ok, I think these kids need to get back to 80's style dances! Let them go single to the victory dances after the games!!!

Kimmy said...

I never went to my school dances when I was in school. I only went to my Senior Ball cause I asked one of my friends that had already graduated that if I didn't get asked out, if he would go with me. Sure enough.

Even though the girls here look stunning in their dresses, I have to say....I WILL FREAK if my daughter wears a dress THAT short!!!! Honestly, I can't see that being allowed in our house when the time comes. All I have to say is, my daughter better hope the dresses get longer by the time she has school dances to go to. lol

Sara said...

The all looked amazing and you are right the girl went all out whit this one, your son looks very posh, I bet they has an amazing time, too bad you were at the hospital, but fortunately you have pictures. You have a lovely blog by the way and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

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