Monday, June 23, 2008


I live at the beach...which usually never gets above 80 in the summertime and when it does...OH MY GOSH!! This past weekend was miserably hot. We couldn't even stand to be in the house...I think it was in the high 70's inside and we were all sweating, groaning, and arguing (beach communities rarely have air conditioning...the ocean breeze usually works great).

I'm sure all of you having to deal with heat over the 100 degree mark are rolling your eyes right about now...but the way I see it, you guys are used to it. We are actually suffering the most since our bodies have acclimated to the 70 degree mark. You should all feel very sorry for me, LOL!

I came up with one of my famous "spur of the moment plans" we walked out the door I sprung it on them. My plan came on Saturday at about 7:00 p.m. We were getting ready to drop my step son, Adam off at an 8th grade graduation party. I told my husband and 16 year old son , Jullien that they should grab their boards and wet suits, after we drop Adam off they can surf and I'll take pictures and walk Allie with my son's girlfriend, Chelsea.

The usual comments, "We can't do that, it's too late. Why didn't you tell us sooner so we could get stuff ready? I'm really tired and it's been a long day! It will be dark before we get there." My reply (which always works), "Stop being so negative, why don't you guys stop griping and try to be a little're both like little, grouchy old men!" Off they scurried to grab their stuff...I love being a woman, we're soooo good, LOL!

We got to the beach after sitting in tons of traffic along PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy)...more grumbling, "Look at all this traffic, it's gonna be too dark, you and your ideas"...blah blah blah, I swear they are both the biggest complainers! We picked up my sons girlfriend and took the back route to the beach (all the inlander's flock here to get out of the 100 degree temperature that they should be used to)...finally we got there and they paddled out. The wind picked up, the current pulled them so far down the beach that I couldn't even see them...they paddled, paddled and paddled, only catching one wave each. Chelsea and I grabbed our stuff every few minutes, trying to walk as fast as the current pulled them, actually quite a work out in the sand. We tried to get close enough to watch them and take pictures.

My husband was the first one out of the water..."This sucks, I remember why I never surf this spot! My arms are dead, I only caught one wave, I had to hike a mile up the beach to get back to you guys...GREAT idea Lis! Did you even get pictures of the one wave I caught?" I said, "Uh, no but I got a picture of you paddling!LOL!" He didn't find the humor in my comment, I don't get it??? Jullien came in next, he had the exact same comments...hmmm...did they rehearse it in the water?" I told him that I got some awesome paddling shots, to his scrunchy faced comment, "VERY funny mom!"

My husband's paddling perfection!

Jullien's paddle before the pull out (mushy, slow wave )...Look at the form "Paddle Boy"!LOL!

Okay so everyone didn't like this spur of the moment trip, but the water was 70, the beach was 84, I had a good laugh, took some amazing sunset pictures...and got out of my HOT HOT HOT house...hmmm, GREAT DAY FOR ME...YAY for me!!

Jullien and Chelsea

Is This What Heaven Is Like?

God's Beauty

Jullien's Favorite Scripture:

Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6)



Parker said...

Woo Hoo for spontaneity. I think it looks like you had a lovely evening. The photos are beautiful and you had fun. It makes me miss home.

~Trish~ said...

Wow, that sunset isn't like the ones I see in Kansas...when can I come visit? LOL

Robin said...

Lisa, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind words. It means a lot. I am so sorry to hear about your brother as well.

I must say that I had to laugh reading about your hubby and son complaining. Mine do the SAME thing when I try to be spontaneous..You and I are so part of the same tribe!

SoccerMom said...

Hey Lisa
I hope they are thankful that they have a kind and thoughtful someone like you!
Your pics are so nice. I love the one of them walking away ~ the

Tj and Amy said...

Fun lis! at least you get to experience warm weather. I swear we have had 2 nice days and that's it! it doesn't feel like summer at all. your sooooo lucky you are so close to the beach. It is so beautiful there! and guys will be guys or complainers. love you