Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sad and Scary Day Yesterday (Part 1 of 2)

I left work yesterday...late again to pick up the kids, but not driving fast like I usually do. Those of you who know me would be amazed how often I drive the speed limit, gas prices and my big gas guzzler has slowed me down. A lady in a blue Expedition was driving next to me, I noticed because every time we pulled up to a red light, she would gun it the second it turned green...I kept looking over because she was acting like she wanted to race...and she was about the same age as me! I guess I probably would have tried to beat her back in the old days when gas was $2.50 (always a little immature I guess.) Oops...I got's hard to write about yesterdays events!

The lady beat me again, speeding past the kids school, I turned into the parking lot, spotting my two kids standing beside a group of about 20 other kids. All of a sudden I heard a loud chirping noise behind me as I stopped the car. The kids started screaming, "What the HECK!?!" My boys were running inside the crowd towards the street, into the middle of the road...I looked out my rear view window to see them standing in a circle surrounding something, on the ground. I jumped out of my car...worried they would be hit by oncoming traffic. Lying on the ground was a small white dog..the speeding lady had hit him, slowed down, looked in her mirror and sped away...with her child witnessing everything.

The owner of the dog was holding its little head as it laid there breathing hard and looking straight ahead, blinking and silent. It's right hind legs had missing fur and indented where the tire had ran over him. He had a little blood coming out of it's forehead. A neighbor came out with a flat cardboard box and a towel to keep him warm. We slowly scooted him onto the box and carried him onto the sidewalk while the owner ran to get their truck. I was holding the part of the box closest to his head...petting him, trying not to cry, he just kept looking, pleading with his eyes for help. We carefully put him in the back of the truck, they opened the back window to hold him in place as they slowly drove to the vet.

I don't know if he survived...but all night I just kept picturing his eyes and I felt so SAD! How could someone hit a dog and just take off!! What's wrong with people...and in front children!

After I got home the scary part of my day started...(part 2 tomorrow)...


SoccerMom said...

oh my goodness there are truly some sick people out there. All the dogs family can hope for is someone got her plate number. Also that someone is at the school today to help the kids deal with what they saw. What a sin ~ from one dog owner to another.

April said...

Oh, that's so sad. I seriously can't believe people. Too bad you didn't get the license plate number. That happened to Dave & Jessica's dog too. After the lady hit it, she waved her arms in the air at Jessica like "How dare you let your dog get loose!" Then she drove off. Come on people. Have a heart!

Mom said...

I'm still waiting for part 2.

I hope the dog is okay, but if not, I hope the pain didn't last too long.

~Trish~ said...

Think positive thoughts, the puppy is ok....we hope and pray!