Monday, June 2, 2008

Southern California Track Championships

I wanted to share our exciting day with everyone...

Yesterday (6/1/08) Elijah competed in the Southern California Championship Track meet. The top four qualifiers in each county in Southern California competed. Previously, Elijah placed 1st in the 400 meters and 200 meters at the Orange County Championship meet.

His race consisted of two separate heats, with a total of 18 of the top athletes in So. Cal. Elijah's first event was the 400 Meter race. Three boys pulled out in front, Elijah used his strategy and speed to place 1st in the event by saving his energy for the last part of the race. In the 200 meter race, he placed third to take home 2 medals.

We are so proud of him!

Elijah (in the white cut off sleeves) 400 meter race

400m Finish Line

Receiving Medal

Going to receive medal for the 200 Meter (lined up in order of their final finish)

Receiving 200 meter medal

Proud Mommy

Proud Dad

Proud Papa


Janae said...

That's my cute cousin!! Tell him congratulations for me!

~Trish~ said...

Awesome!!! Way to go!! Congrats!

April said...

Yae Lijey! Congratulations!

Tj and Amy said...

con grats lij!! I cannot believe how big he is now! so grown up!

David Bolda said...

This is wonderful. I can see all the great colleges knocking on your door soon. Why is this kid so fast??? Is it because his mother was able to sprint up and down the soccer fied as a high school student? Or, is it because he gets a lot of practice running away from all the babes? Whatever works, keep it up!!!