Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Accepting Changes

Life is constantly changing...just when you think everything is going along smoothly...BAM something happens. I look at all the families in our neighborhood who are financially secure and seem to "have it all." Then I get a slap in the face from one of our friends...while having a conversation about this subject. He said, "My friend had it all, money, nice house, car, toys, perfect little family...then tragedy struck. His daughter is now paralyzed, she is working everyday to try and walk again. The family has good days and bad days. He sees his daughter crying, hurting and praying to be healed. He agonizes over this and says he would give up everything just to see his daughter, playing softball, running, and being a normal teenager again."

My son's friend, Luke Gane's life changed in the matter of one month. He just started chemo for his blood disease. I'm sure his parents would give up everything to have him out on that football field with his team mates, playing the sport he loves. Now he will go through the battle of his life, while his parents stand beside him encouraging, loving and supporting him.

I needed to be reminded of this...our struggles are helping us to grow. I have learned how to be "calm in the midst of the storm." My trials are minor compared to our friends. Find the good in your situation, accept the changes, become who you were meant to be. Every struggle produces growth in your life. Focus on whatever is good, (faith, love, health) whatever it may be. You may not be where you want to be...but you're growing and changing, heading toward where you're supposed to be!

Life changes in an instant...all of our planning, collecting, trying to get bigger and better homes, cars, boats, building bigger barns to put our "stuff" in ...can all be taken in an instant. Things do not matter! Focus on making a difference, reaching out to others, doing what you can with whatever talents and abilities you have (cooking, writing, sharing, volunteering your time, comforting). Accept the changes and use your life experiences to help others. Stop waiting for your problems to be can be the answer to someone's prayers!

Romans 1:17

For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, "The just shall live by faith."


~Trish~ said...

Awe great blog hon :)

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WheresMyAngels said...

This is the way I feel also, but have to remind myself a million times a day!! lol

I might sit and complain about something but I have everything to be thankful for and you never know when that could change.