Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Alive and Kickin'

I feel like I haven't posted in FOREVER! Like I said, "I'VE BEEN SWAMPED!" My middle son, Jullien is in Hawaii for their first Varsity game (boo hoo for me, yes I cried cuz I wanted to be there). He left on's on Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. I talked to him yesterday and he said he's having fun, but it was CRAZY hot...they are not used to heat above 80. Then they went to some cliffs and the boys started jumping off a 50 foot cliff into the ocean. All my boys and me are afraid of heights...soooo I asked, "What did you do?" He said, "I was the last one left standing up there and everyone was yelling at me to jump. I backed away from the edge and took a running leap off the cliff." How does that saying go, "If your friends told you to jump off a cliff would you?" I now know the answer...LOL! He said he was so scared and felt like he was falling FOREVER!! He even did it a second time...peer players can't be wooseys!!

Elijah had his scrimmage game, he played running back, quarterback and linebacker, they won! Anyways, that's why I haven't posted in a while, I was editing the pictures and putting them into an album to send out to all the parents. The things I get myself's VERY time consuming, but a few of the parents said, "THANK YOU, WE LOVE THEM!" I guess it's worth it. The more I practice the better I get, right?

Our church had a picnic so I took my camera and took some pictures...I wasn't very happy with the way they turned out, now I don't want to forward it to them because they will think, "Thanks but no thanks! Why is it that the pictures that you really want to turn out good, look terrible? I'll send it to them and attach a few pictures of other shots i've taken that were good, just to let them know that I don't always take such terrible pictures! Oh well, guess you can't get better unless you make mistakes.

Here's a link to my Football album...just click "View Now" and then you can play a slideshow because there's A LOT of pictures, we are in all white...those are just practice jersey's (it was the first scrimmage) our real uniforms are Green Bay Packer colors...


April said...

Fun! I wish I was down there to watch the boys play football. I miss that! Amy just left for Hawaii today. I'm not sure what island she's on but that would be cool if she could go to Jullien's game. You should call her! Anyways, I remember cliff jumping once and being scared to death! I never did it again, but at least I can say I did it! Love you! P.S. Check out my blog. I have a new post.

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

OOOOH...I'm going to text Amy right now! I hope she's going to Mauii, that would be soooo AWESOME if she could be there!!

~Trish~ said...

I'm so glad you've finally posted, I've wondered how you've been getting along! How's Luke doing?? I keep checking his blog off and on. Check out my page and what I bought myself :)

Miss ya girl! I'm off to check out your pictures!!

Robin said...

I was wondering where you've been! Glad all is well..Been praying for Luke every day..I need to go check his blog to see how he's doing..