Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We have some great friends...they weren't going to be using their San Diego Charger Football tickets last night so they gave them to us (4 of them). We took another couple with us...we were going to take our two youngest boys, but they had practice and if they missed they wouldn't be able to play in their next games...coaches are tough!

We were warned about some guys that have season tickets just next to our friends...they get a little drunk and rowdy. WOW...they forgot to warn us about the scrawny, pasty white, beady eyed, beak nosed, nerdy guy directly above me!!

When we sat down he was already hammered. He gave my husband an attitude when he asked the guys sitting next to nerd boy to hand him his water that was a row below them (we tried to switch seats for a while). He said, "Are you kiddin me dude, it's ****** two rows down?" I froze for a minute thinking, "Oh no, he's going to knock this guy out and we will be kicked out!" To my surprise, he ignored him and the big guy (who my husband had asked) handed him the water, "No problem bro." My husband just stared down nerd boy and didn't say anything!! Can you imagine the change in my quick tempered, Italian hot head! Since getting baptized...he has been getting soooo much better. He would NEVER take anything from anyone, EVER! When nerd boy turned around, my husband did make a little gesture with his foot, like he was going to kick him upside his head, but he didn't (PROGRESS) LOL!

We had to eventually move back down just below him when people came. I have NEVER heard anyone so obnoxious in my whole life. "What's the matter with you guys? You're idiots..make a tackle? C'mon San Diego you suck! TACKLE...TACKLE...TACKLE! What, who was that thrown to, the guy in the parking lot? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU!" I thought I got a break from his non stop screaming when the cheerleaders came out, I was wrong. "GOOD JOB HOOKERS! HOOKERS...THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE!" Then everyone started doing the wave, what can he possibly come up with to scream about now? "What's the matter with you San Diegans...STAND UP...YOU SUCK!" Everytime the wave came around he would repeat the same thing like a broken record!!!!

The lady next to me finally looked up and said, "You are ridiculous!" "SIT DOWN B****!" he shouted back. Then on the Jumbo Tron they showed a football player saying, "Remember to drink responsibly, your behavior effects those around you." He stands up and yells, "TOO LATE M***** F*****!" The cops came and stood watching him...he calmed down a little but still kept shouting stuff. The game was coming to an end so the lady next to me left, the moron looks at his friends and yells, "I'm glad that B**** is finally leaving...she's bugging me!" W H A T...I just started laughing, I couldn't believe he was serious!! Are we on Candid Camera or something??!!?? After a while the four of us were just laughing because it was unbelievable. He had absolutely no filter...whatever he thought came out of his mouth!

Oh yeah...the football game...we won by one point 18-17! It's pretty bad when you get so distracted that you forget to watch the game. We got to the car and were sitting for about an hour...not moving. So I started shouting, "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU IDIOTS...MOVE YOUR CARS! WHO BUILT THIS STUPID STADIUM WITH ONLY TWO EXITS ANYWAY?" Just kidding...I didn't...but it went through my head! LOL!


April said...

Oh, I hate when people ruin games like that! Too bad the cops didn't just take him out for being drunk and disorderly. It would have been so hard not to say something to him...and good job Anthony! Well, hopefully it was still worth it for you and you still had fun!

~Trish~ said...

Lordy, there's always someone who does that!!! Ugh, what a jerk! I went to a minor league baseball game this year and they have themes for every game, well this game was Hawaiian night so the guys had on floral type jerseys. Well we weren't playing the best and this guy yells out 'just cuz your dressed like women doesn't mean you gotta play like them' Ohhhhh no he didn't!!! hahahaha