Sunday, August 31, 2008


The fundraiser for Luke..."Locks for Luke" was amazing. It started at 7:00 am and one of our rival schools, Servite High School was the first team there (even before our boys from Edison arrived). They came to get their heads shaved and show support. After they were done, they huddled in a circle in the parking lot and prayed for Luke. The Huntington Beach Fire Dept. showed up and shaved their heads. Fox Sports Net was there interviewing and covering the whole event.

What an incredible sure renews your faith in people!


One of the players with Luke's initial's

Quarterback shaving his long hair

Inside the Salon

Jullien and Teammates

Football team in front of salon and Fire Engine (Jullien's the tall one in navy tank)

Fox Sport Net Interview

More Interviews


~Trish~ said...

That is SO awesome and incredible!!! How very cool to be a part of it :) I'm sure Luke is amazed but the support!!!

April said...

Oh, that's neat! That's great that another school even showed up. It looks like it was a real success! (Oh, and I can't believe how tall Jullien is...lucky boy!)

Tj and Amy said...

I am so glad it went well. It looks like there were tons of people there. and when did ju ju get HUGE! wow