Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Offer

Yesterday was the first day of our house showing. I had mixed emotions...sad because we have raised our kids here, and anxious for the next phase of our lives. We spent the last couple of days getting it ready for the showing (which was a nightmare). You try getting teenage boys to clean their room, I mean really clean...getting all the stuff out of their hiding places (under the bed, behind the dressers, shoved in the closets).

We had two couples come to look at it. Our Realtor walked out with the second couple & came back in and said, "We have an offer & it's full price." I was shocked, I wasn't ready to hear that. I didn't think it would happen that quick. I was planning on some time to deal with it and really let it soak in.

As she continued talking, I found myself trying to hold back the tears. Her voice began to sound like that Charlie Brown cartoon,


I started telling myself, "Don't cry, you stop it right now!"

When she left to print out the paperwork my hubby hugged me and said, "I'm sorry your sad, but everything will be alright...we'll find the perfect place to move to."

After signing all the paperwork, I wanted to go to the movies to get my mind off of everything. We ended up going to see, "The Book of Eli" starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis (That's 70's show), & Jennifer Beals (Flashdance).

OMG...I LOVED that movie! It was the perfect thing for me to see. It was not only entertaining but had a great message too. It gave a glimpse into the future...kind of an end of times type movie with a message. Not like the movie 2012, which was so ridiculous my husband and I were laughing through most of the parts.

Anthony said, "I could see that movie again." He never wants to see movies twice!

So as this new year gets going I find myself learning to embrace change, trust and adapt to new is always an adventure.

A home is not just a place, it's somewhere that you can be you, safe & secure, surrounded by the love of your family.


StacyB said...

Lis, everything will work out because you have faith and a great heart as well as the loving support from your incredible husband and family.

KC Mom said...

Wow! That is a blessing to get an offer so fast but so strange to not have the time to process it in your mind. I know it will all work out for you.

April said...

Oh, I didn't even know you were showing your house yet. Like you said, it's a new chapter in your life. Everything will work out as it should. Keep me updated. Love you!!!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Because you are a good character and personality everything will go on well! Please note that I have added you on my traveling blogroll!