Monday, January 11, 2010

Patience...I Need More Patience

I'm so mad right photo loader is messed up & I haven't been able to upload any of my pictures from our anniversary trip to Mendocino. I've really been trying to work on my patience, but the computer stuff just really ticks me off! Speaking of patience, I had another action packed weekend. My sister (April), brother in law (Tyler) & their 4 kids are down from Utah. They needed me to babysit the kids on Friday night till 1:30 a.m. They are all really young & baby Tyce is still breastfeeding, (not a good thing for the potential babysitter).

My Lil' Sis & Brother In Law & The Kids





How cute are they?!?

As you can imagine, Friday was a little crazy. I also had my step-daughter Tasha's 21st birthday dinner. So I rushed home from work to make the Taco's & a cake before the kids got dropped off. Luckily I had lots of helpers...Tasha, my boys & their girlfriends were helping with the baby, who wasn't too happy all night.

Saturday we took the kids to the beach & I got some really great shots under the pier. It was such a cool day. When we were walking on the pier, there was this huge Pelican just standing on the rail. People were gathering around it & inching their way up pretty close to take some pics. My niece & nephews were really brave and just walked right up there. I'll post them too if I can get my I Photo to work!

We walked a little further and there were two dolphins swimming by. At the end of the pier there was another Pelican just walking around checking everyone out. It was so weird...I've lived here forever & have never seen Pelicans just hanging out like that. Next a helicopter flew really close to the water, right by us...the kids loved it! The waves were HUGE, it was sunny & warm. What a perfect day.

We stayed a little too long & rushed home so I could make another cake & then head out to Glendora for my sister Stacy's birthday dinner. She turned 47 & of course I had to make sure I put on all 47 individual candles. Everyone was cracking up because it looked like the whole thing was on fire. She blew it out in one breath...we looked down & the candles were all little nubs melted into the frosting...YUM!

Sunday it was off to church first thing in the morning, out to lunch with everyone afterwards & then home to get ready for the end of the year football banquet (this is always a 4hr. event). Finally got home at 8:30 tonight and tried downloading my pics...NOPE not gonna happen!

Patience...I definitely need more of it...or to try to find some way to slow my life down a little bit.


KC Mom said...

Oh my have a gorgeous family!
Sounds like it was a full weekend. I can't get over how amazing it is to walk out to the beach on a winter day and see dolphins. I need soma that.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

They are all so cute and lovable. Hugs and kisses from the Nicolaides family!

Anonymous said...

i noticed you had a blog about warren boyd, i am in desperate need of contacting him , please direct me to him

April said...

Thanks Lis! We had lots of fun! I miss HB...and you guys!!! Can't wait to see the pictures once everything gets working again!!