Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sugar Ray Show at The Galaxy

Last night we had just started to walk our dog when Anthonys friend (who's in a band) called & invited us to go to the Sugar Ray show at the Galaxy. His band was opening for them & put us on the guest list.

I'm not a big Sugar Ray fan, but a free concert is always nice. Besides I've never seen his friends band before and I heard they were pretty good. They've been around forever, they're the original SUPERNOVA (pop-punk band)...before that rock show came out and stole their name. I guess they had a whole legal thing going on because of it and won. Since we haven't been to very many concerts lately, I think the last ones were Social Distortion & the KROQ Weenie Roast which were awesome...I thought it should be pretty fun.

So about Sugar Ray...last I remembered Mark McGrath was a host on Extra or something like that. I had no idea they were still playing, let alone had a new album out. I have to admit that I did like those three songs, Someday, Fly & Every Morning.

I loved Supernova...they're a crack up. When Sugar Ray came on I found myself singing along to the three songs I mentioned, but other than that, I wasn't impressed. He played tons of cover songs and the whole show was pretty flat and boring. Once he started singing the new songs...we decided it was time to go.

So I'd have to say...don't rush out and buy the new CD. I'm sure you were all planning on it, right? LOL!

Always a fun night out with the hubby & friends though.


Kimmy said...

What a bummer. I'm not a Sugar Ray fan either. Never could really get into them. Free concerts are always cool.....when they're cool!

April said...

Well, I'm glad you at least got to get out and do something for free! I definitely won't be purchasing the CD! I didn't know they were still singing together either...wonder if anyone else did???

KC Mom said...

Thanks for the review...
and I love your new blog background!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Your new blog background is beautiful and give a sense of optimism! Have a great day my dear friend Lisa.