Friday, March 19, 2010

A Place To Give

We will be moving on April 3rd. We have soooo much stuff in our house after being here for 8 years. I was planning on selling some furniture and stuff on Craig's List. My husband said, "Why don't we donate it all instead."

To be honest, at first I thought, "Ya that's a good idea, but we could really use the money to help us with the cost of this move."

But the more I thought about it, he's right...we've been blessed with so much...too much. There are so many homeless families out there right now. It would be good to make a difference in some small way.

I decided to find someplace that will give directly to the families, not just a drop off center that ends up selling the stuff in their stores, but an actual shelter that helps people get back on their feet & into a place of their own.

I found the perfect place!

Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter

I printed up the info and then noticed that they also need volunteers. Once things settle down a little bit, I would love to help with the kids 1 night a week.

I've felt a pull on my heart for a while now to do something for others.

I want to encourage you all to seek out shelters in your area and see if you can make a difference in some way...we all have something to give.

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KC Mom said...

Great idea Lisa! Good luck on your move. I know you are blessing lives with your donations!