Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Incredible Phone Call

I was racking my brain on what to get my dad for his birthday on March 10th. As many of you know my dad has been battling 4th stage inoperable lung cancer. I wanted to do something special...something he would remember...after about a week & several prayers, the idea finally came to me.

I will contact the owners/manager/coach of the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team.

My dad was asked to be in their farm program when he was younger as a goalie. He ended up going into the Marine Corp. then after returning played semi pro for the Reno Aces until the team was disbanded.

But his favorite team has always been the Red Wings.

Once I had the idea, I put my super detective ability into full action. I hunted, dug up, re-searched, and finally found an email address to the owners of the team. I wrote a heartfelt email about how amazing my dad is and sent it off. Hoping & praying that out of the hundreds of thousands of emails they receive, they might read & respond to mine.

It was kicked back undeliverable.

Not to be deterred...I went back, messed with the address a little bit...sent it off again & went through!

I attached a link to my blog post with pictures of us at the Red Wings Game, along with my dad's Kodak Father of the Year link to assure them that it wasn't just a hoax...or someone trying to trick them to get something for free based on a fake story.

Next thing I know, they contacted my dad's secretary at work & got some info & then told her that he would receive a phone call in the morning.


My dad didn't believe it and almost hung up on him. He thought his friends were playing a trick on him. But finally he realized who it was....

The coach of The Detroit Red Wings, Mike Babcock...also the coach of the Olympic Canadian team that beat the U.S.


My dad was shocked! He couldn't believe it. The call came just before he left for his chemo treatment. While going through treatment, he sent me several text messages that I wanted to share (I'm sure he wouldn't mind):

"Currently getting my chemo. I am still on a high. I gathered the staff here at the treatment center and told them the story. I sailed right through chemo. I talked to all the family & told several people in the city. I'll be riding this for weeks!

When he got back to work, I received another text, "It's snowing like crazy but I can't sit in the office. I had to go out for a walk...this was incredible."

As I write this post, another text just came in, "Wow! I'm still flying. What a great day. I have told the story to so many people. Wow!"

What an amazing organization the Red Wings have! I want to send a special thank you to Mr. Ilitch, Mr. Babcock & the PR dept.

They are truly caring people & have made such a difference...THANK YOU!!

**Mr. Babcock told my dad that the next time he is at the Red Wings game, he can come down & meet all the players also!


Kimmy said...

What an awesome gift you gae your dad!! What a great thing the Red Wings did also!! I'm so glad your dad enjoyed his phone call! :O)

KC Mom said...

I love that! It will give your Dad so much strength to get through his illness!