Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wow...You Like Me, You Really Like Me

I'm so excited, my Blog is featured on a Travel Website all the way around the world in the Mediterranean Island of Nicosia, CYPRUS!


Philip (Travel Blog Writer) let me know a few days ago that he wanted to feature my "Random California Shots" post.

Wow...um...let me think about it.

Ya right...I said yes immediately!

His blog is amazing! If you're like me and wish you could travel, but never have enough money, you must visit his Blog! It takes you to exotic places around the world.



Kimmy said...

That is awesome and exciting!!! Congrats :o) I just checked it out and it's cool how it's also done in a different language. :O)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Thank you dear friend Lisa for your generous comments! I appreciate your kindness. Hugs from Nicosia, CYPRUS.

KC Mom said...

How cool is that?!
Love your pictures so why wouldn't the rest of the world love them too!

Anonymous said...

Uauauauauau. Suas fotos são lindas, fortes e contundentes que retratam a beleza e os ricos detalhes de cada rosto e de cada gesto. Amo.
Eu adoro fotogafias e vivo tirando aki no Rio de Janeiro...
Vc. tem facebook? Se tiver me adiciona estão todas lá:
Andréia Riff.
Escrevi em portugues tamanha a minha emoção em ver as suas fotos, sou sua fã number one.
I love u.
kisses and kisses

April said...

That's so cool Lis!!! And wow...I'm in some of those pictures!! Fun!!! P.S. If you want, I can translate that comment before mine for you...it's in Portuguese!
Love ya!!!

Leesa said...

Hi Lisa...

I agree with you about Philip!! He's wonderful and does such a fantastic job with his blog!! I loved your pics (since I'm a true Cali girl for life)...
Thanks for visiting my blog, too! Nice to have you and thanks for your comment!!
I often miss the lovely So. Cal weather, sun and ocean! Do you get to San Diego often? Though I grew up in L.A., San Diego is my true love!!

Take care and have a great weekend!