Monday, March 15, 2010

Trip to Jurassic Park...Sort of

On our 10 year anniversary most of you know that we went to Northern California (Mendocino County). I shared some pictures but I didn't get to post the incredible Pygmy Forest photos & info. I found it so interesting that these trees could be so old and yet so small.

So we left our ocean view cottage

We drove approximately 5 min. to the VAN DAMME STATE PARK (Fern Forest & Pygmy Forest)~We felt as though we had stepped directly into Jurassic Park. Every tree was covered with moss & the entire mountains were full of large, exotic ferns.

Pulling in to the Forest was just breathtaking!

This is the river along the path before you get up into the steeper trails.

If you hike through the fern forest you eventually come to the Pygmy Forest.


This is the moss that protects the soil...

Causing what should be enormous trees to become dwarfed.

To protect the soil, they built this walkway that takes you through the forest. The further you travel along it, the older & smaller the trees are...(Anthony checking things out).

Time to head to our next destination~Mendocino


Maya said...

absolutely gorgeous!!! and happy 10th!

*from SITS

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Best wishes Lisa! Enjoy your post LISA