Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Found Best Name Brand Deal

I can honestly say that I'm not a big name brand person. I like to find things that are different, things that most people don't have. This can be a little challenging at times, but vintage shops usually help.

Yesterday my son had to go see an LA agency...YAY...that meant I got to stop by Crossroads Trading Co. on Melrose. He wasn't too happy, but if I'm going all the way down there, I'm going to get some fun out of it too.

It was a perfect sunny day, we ate outside, then shopping time.

Jullien sat at the front of the store & I knew he wasn't too happy so I didn't really look as long as I normally would. But I did find an AMAZING deal, and yes, I gave in to the name brand. I found a pair of True Religion jeans for $27.00, yes I said $27.00.

They fit perfect except they're a little shorter than I like. I decided at that price, I'll deal with the length, besides they're perfect for tucking into boots.

Then we headed down to Urban Outfitters for Jullien. They had an everything 50% off sale, we actually stood in a line 30 people back. I've NEVer stood in a line that long!

the line went on forever>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

He didn't mind it so much because while I stood there he continued to shop. Guess that was a payback for making him wait for me. So I made the most of it...I helped the guy behind me and in front of me decide on some of their purchases. I can tell ya, California is a very friendly, laid back place to live.

SO...yes, I broke down, I gave in, I'm now officially a name brand girl.


I'm a bargain shopper first and foremost!


Anonymous said...

(-___-") that face expression, my youngest brother always give me that kind of face when I asked him to go shopping with me. Anyway, that shop looks like a great place to shop! wish I can go there soon.. (^^)

Dixie Mom said...

You scored!!

Jean-Pierre MATTEI ( qui adorerait que tu lui laisses un commentaire, quel qu'il soit ) ( contre deux boîtes d'haricots rouges, et une souris morte ) ^^ ... said...


Hello Wonder Lisa !

Very intersting post !
And thanks to you i improved my english !

First and foremost : totally new for me ! ^^

Enjoy you very last 2010 days !

Your French Fashion Designer Friend,

Lucy said...

Great shopper. Keep it up girl.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

lovely. x hivennn.

carlasroses said...

i love stores like these i once got a pair of true religions that were originaly $350 and i got them for $40! its the best!