Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jullien Herrera for Intersection Magazine

Red Models, Jullien Herrera along with Antony Jerram, Patrick Phillips, and Juan Heredia, along with Doug Porter in a 50/60's style shoot for Intersection Magazine shot by Sebastian Mader.

AND...what's not to like, the cars, the hair, the jeans, jackets (clothing by PRPS) add to the tough guy/bad boy vibe of this shoot. I'm loving the cool, Grease inspired feel...yes I was a HUGE Grease/John Travolta fan.

So to say that this is one of my favorites to date is an understatement.

Let's not forget the amazing video below, "Living Proof" taking you back to a simpler time-battling out differences through car races.

'Living Proof directed by Sebastian Mader...clothes by PRPS'


Dixie Mom said...

I'd say that's my favorite one you've posted so far too. Looks like they stepped back in time but with the amazing photography technology we have now.

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Cool photo shoot.


bravegrrl said...

sooo cool :) love it!

yeah, you should get some key pieces that will add to what you already have.... and then slowly add things when you come across stuff that you love... it is a good time with all the holiday sales.... if the holidays haven't made you broke already... haha :D


Mariabei said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! Wow Wowwwww!!
Hugs & Kisses

Anonymous said...

please what cars are these?!