Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He's Home!

I'm so excited...I just picked up my son Jullien from the airport today. He will be here until Dec. 29th and then he heads back to New York for two days, then off to Paris & Milan for Fashion Week. He gets back to New York at the end of January and then heads to Hong Kong for a few months.

I'm so happy that I get to have him home for the holidays...it doesn't happen very often with his schedule. It's been five months since he was home, but for me it seems like at least a year.

Now I'm trying to fit in- family Christmas tree shopping, family pictures and a family ice skating day in a short amount of time...plus getting everyone on the same page with their busy work/school schedules.

I'm just so happy to have all my kids home for the holidays...my heart is full!!


Tj and Amy said...

whoo hoo!! wish we could all be together one year!!

bravegrrl said...

yay so happy for you!

bravegrrl said...

and what an amazing travel schedule he has... i'm jealous :P

Dixie Mom said...

It is wonderful having all those babies back in the nest!