Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey, It's Me!

I haven't updated on my son, Jullien Herrera, who is a model, (Red Model Mgmt) living the jet set life that I can only dream of. He recently returned to New York from Paris & Milan. This time around, I sent him off with a new camera (Christmas present that I told him is a must!) he was required to take pictures for me. He said it was really hard because he had so many castings and spent his time running around trying to find the places & communicate with the French and Italians for help.

Milan Agency-.Fashion-show card

Paris Agency-Marilyn MGM-show card

But he managed to take a whole day in Paris and said he got some AMAZING pictures for me. Unfortunately he dropped his laptop & now it wont turn I'm still waiting for him to get it fixed and send me my pictures!

He has been to Paris before but this was his first time in Milan. As he stepped off the plane & walked through the airport, he was surprised to find this huge picture of a campaign he did for Sisley, shot by Terry Richardson, in the store window.

Jullien Herrera for Sisley Campaign
photo by: Terry Richardson

He said, it felt pretty cool and a little weird seeing his picture in Italy. He stopped to snap it with his camera phone to send to his mommy (yes I love it!).

Unfortunately he had to return a little earlier than expected, and wasn't able to do the Paris shows due to the passing of a friend that he went to High School with. He'd just hung out with her over Christmas. He was pretty shook up. He's had a lot of friends pass away and it never gets any easier to handle especially when kids are dying so young, and needlessly at the hands of prescription drugs and alcohol.

He's doing much better now and is back in New York with his girlfriend, Nichelle (also a model) and his comfort zone, which helps when you need support.

Jullien & Nichelle (Central Park last summer)

He's continuing to work and go on castings...New York Fashion Week's coming up.

more Sean John

photos by: Vincent Dilio

He will be heading off to Hong Kong in a few months...more pictures for me! yaya! What wonderful life experiences for my young 19 year old son!


Moniek said...

Great model!

Bitch said...

To work as a model is very difficult.
Very handsome son!
Greetings from Greece.

SOFIA said...

amazing post!))

Anonymous said...

he's young and looking pretty awesome! you're a cool mom! haha

bravegrrl said...

so amazing! what an amazing life! and he is gorgeous! what a proud momma! Maegan said...

This must be just so exciting for him. What a fun life to live at such a young age, right!!??! So fab. I constantly think I see him in magazines. I'm always like "...I think that's Jullien" lol