Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday my lunch plans with my sister fell through so as I was leaving work I remembered I had my camera with me. Rather than grabbing a quick bite to eat and heading home, I decided to go on a little walkabout.

yeah, ummm...think I'd keep my distance without this warning!

million dollar homes overlooking the bay, Newport Beach, CA.
(Orange County)

rabbit's in the thicket

Not really dressed for the occasion (work clothes and high heels), I sucked it up. Directly across the street from my work is the Newport Beach Back Bay (ocean filters into wetlands). It's beautiful and I drive by it everyday...but I've never stopped to walk through it.

The view was amazing, it was sunny and crisp outside, the birds were everywhere. I continued walking, dressed up and out of place, as people jogged by, rode bikes, and walked their dogs.

Giant White Egret (Newport Beach Back Bay)

I almost walked right past this Giant White Egret. It was hidden well in the brush, then I saw it moving ever so slightly, head upturned towards the wind, it's long neck swaying gracefully back and forth.
After taking tons of pics of the bay & birds, I decided to stop at a couple parks that I also drive by on my way to work.

I was now in photo mode and it felt good to get some creativity out.

My final stop was a park with mounds of dirt and hills for the young competitive bicyclists to race and jump, capturing one of them through the thicket...

As I headed back to the car, after tromping in my heels through the bushes to get some cool shots, I came out to THIS SIGN...

Hmmmm....probably would've been good to see BEFORE I walked through there! It freaked me out, I mean, I live in the middle of a big city...who would've thought there was rattlesnakes in our parks~obviously not me!

this little guy was on the sidewalk in front of me looking
back at the bushes...obviously scared to death too!

It's so cool to see the things just outside your door...


Joop Zand said...

Great serie Lisa....these pictures are beautiful.

Thank for your kind reactions.

Have a nice evening and peaceful sunday.

warm greetings from Holland, Joop

carlasroses said...

i love the pictures there really pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone has a good eye

Edgy said...

wow... the pictures are stunning...

DeanO said...

I greatly enjoyed your walk-about. I loved the old train bridge.

Gringo said...

Hi Lisa! You have an abundance of wildlife where you live, always plenty of good pix waiting! Beautiful shots! Well done.

Dixie Mom said...

What a great place so close to where you work! Next time bring tennis shoes to change into!