Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Things Around the Corner

With everything that's been going on this month, I feel like my Blog has been a bit depressing. I want to be sure to also share the good things that are happening.

First, my hubby's 45th birthday is this Monday! Woo Hoo!

And wait there's more...Jullien will finally be flying home on Wednesday night, after 7 long months away. This is the longest amount of time he's ever been gone! My mom, dad & sister April are also flying in on Wednesday. Everyone is coming for my step-daughter Tasha's wedding next Friday.

I can't believe she will be MARRIED next CRAZY!

Then the Monday following the wedding, we'll be heading off for a family surfing vacation trip up North. I'm hoping all of the boys will be able to go with us. I'm also PRAYING that the Great White Shark warning for all of the California coast is lifted Read-Shark Research Committee. I have NEVER heard of this kind of warning before. Figures when we finally get a vacation!LOL!

Last but not least, I was contacted by a Christian Online Magazine in Texas to see if they could use two articles that I wrote. Then one day later I was contacted by a radio station in Maine, they read another article I wrote & wanted me to be a guest on their show. I already did the taping & it is supposed to air in the beginning of August, I'll post the link when it's on.

So, with that encouragement, I'm plunking away at my book! Hopefully it will be done by the end of this year, that's my goal anyways.


DUTA said...

Hapy Birthday to your husband!
Indeed good things are awaiting you: the wedding with the members of the family flying in, the surfing vacation trip, the invitation to the show, etc..
I'm glad for you. Enjoy it all!

bravegrrl said...

wow grrl! that is a lot of amazing things!!!! congrats on your articles being published and aired, that is soooo cool :)

have fun with all your family time coming up!!


Lucy said...

Happy Birthday to hubby and gather all of your energy. It wears me out just to read it.

KC Mom said...

Those are good pieces of news.