Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wedding Day Pictures

What an amazing day! Natascha looked sooo beautiful.

Anthony walking his Princess down the isle!

Natascha & Jeremy exchanging their vows


But there was one little problem. Okay, so what are the odds of two people having almost the EXACT same dress without even having talked to each other about what they were wearing?

Well maybe I should have coordinated my dress with Tanya (Natascha's mom). I couldn't believe it, when I got there we were wearing the exact color, with the entire bottom half of our dresses exactly alike, ruffles and all! The only difference was the top, hers was the same color as the bottom & a halter style.

I felt so bad! I had no clue...last I heard she was wearing either fuschia or navy, so I thought I was safe. I mean she is the mother of the bride & it is one of the most incredibly special days of her life, her little girl was getting married. I wanted to crawl into a hole! I wish I could have ran home & changed, but the only other dress I had was all black.

I didn't end up walking in like we had originally planned during rehearsal, but I was fine with that. It would have looked too weird if I walked down first & then Tanya came down after with the same dress. This was hers & Natascha's big day!

So other than that it was awesome! I just hope Tanya wasn't too upset at the whole coincidence strange, huh? Guess we both have the same taste, too bad it had to happen on THIS day!

My dad & mom with happy my dad felt well enough to come.

My dad, me, sisters April & Stacy & my mom

Proud brothers Dillon & Adam

Auntie April clowning with her nephews Elijah & Jullien

My oldest Josh w/ his girlfriend Charmaine

We all danced for hours...we are quite the dancing family. Jeremy definitely fits right in. Anthony, Jullien & Jeremy were having dance offs, it was so fun!

Finally cake time...and yes they were both very nice!

CONGRATULATIONS Tashy & Jeremy!!!!


KC Mom said...

Congratulations on a great day!

Lucy said...

It looks like everyone had a wonderful day and you had sisters and mom and dad. Cherish that family as you already know,

DUTA said...

I'm glad the incident with the dress didn't develop into some sort of animosity between you and the bride's Mom. Incidents like this one happen all the time; it's a small world.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures from the wedding.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Congratulations and all the very best to the beautiful couple. Health and happiness. Hugs.

April said...

It was a FUN wedding! Natascha looked so pretty! I'm glad I got to come down for it! Cute pics!!

bravegrrl said...

you look soooo great! the dress is perfect! and i love all the accessories (from the post below). great choice even if the mother of the bride was wearing something similar :)

Prutha said...

hehe...ive been in that situation sucks

commodestyle said...

Great happiness,so gorgeous!!

Wenni Donna said...

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