Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunny Days of Summer

I was so grateful that my dad felt well enough to come down for the wedding, (4th stage lung cancer). I really appreciate everyone's prayers on his behalf...they are definitely working!

The day after the wedding we went down to the beach. I've never seen it this crowded except for holidays or the US Open Surf competition. It was really humid though so I guess people were trying to escape the heat.

I also was excited to have all of my boys together with me. Jullien heads back to New York on August 3rd which should give him enough time to lose his California tan before New York Fashion Week.

My Boys-Elijah, Josh & Jullien

The Big Brother Beat Down

Joshy, his girlfriend Charmaine, Aunt April, Jullien & Elijah

Mom & Dad

Clowning it up!

While heading back I couldn't help but take pictures of this Quinceañera...she's adorable!

Just another day at the beach!


Lucy said...

Thank you for your kind comments on mine. Your pictures turned out really well. Everyone looks happy and hopefully will remain so.

KC Mom said...

The beach is like a whole other culture that I've only seen in movies! I grew up playing on the Oregon coast and it's so cold and empty all the time.
Thanks so much for your comments on my moving posts. It's so great to hear experiences of others who are going through similar situations and gives me great hope and faith.

DUTA said...

Wonderful pictures! Your boys look great, and so do your parents.
Joy always, to all of you!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Just another great post and gorgeous pictures full of beautiful persons.

Blackcowboy said...

Nice pictures, you do look like Faith Hill in your header. That is cool.
Enjoy your time and good luck to your Father

bravegrrl said...

awww man, that beach is sooooooo crowded! i'm shy away from crowds like that... haha!

enjoy your time with all your boys!