Wednesday, July 14, 2010

He's Home!

Awe, the good ol' days when they were all with me!

I just got back from picking Jullien up from the airport. After 7 LONG months of missing him, I could hardly wait to hang out, talk, joke around & just enjoy his company. Well that lasted all of 20 minutes!

His friends also knew he was getting home tonight & they stopped by & took him away! So much for an 18 year old wanting to hang out with his mommy.

Good thing I planned a vacation while he's home. We're going on a surfing/camping trip to northern California, just us & all our boys (Tasha's getting married on Friday & will be on her honeymoon...don't think they would want to share an R.V. with all of us!LOL!)

I'm going to get almost an entire week of hanging out with them without the friends around to take them away.

I'm trapping them out in the middle of no where and making them enjoy our company!hahahha!

I always come up with great plans to have everything work out exactly the way I want them...lots of years of practice!

I'm just soooo happy to finally have him home.


Leesa said...

Awwwww!! This post is written/spoken like a TRUE BLUE MOM!!! You must be the best mom, Lisa!!! As I was reading this post tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of my own past and my mom (who I miss sooo much)...

Cherish all the time you have to spend with your hubby and kids.. You are TRULY blessed!!


bravegrrl said...

sounds like a grand time! have fun with your boys!!!

Café Naïveté said...

Ahhh that sounds so cool- a surfing/camping trip in California! Definitely on my to-do list together with the U.S roadtrip;) Anyways, thanks for your support and comments!

PS! and about your son, getting robbed by friends, I know exactly what You mean though from the other side! Everytime I went to visit my relatives in Estonia (my homecountry, in Northern part of Europe) I WAS anxious to see my grandmother and aunts and uncles BUT the need to see my friends was also so big! btw, if i may ask, where did he go for 7 months?

Sending you sun from Rome,

Lisa Petrarca said...
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Lisa Petrarca said...


He was in NY...he's a model with Red NYC agency. He got signed just after graduating High School & was quickly whisked off to NY & Paris.

He now has his own apartment there & is entirely supporting himself at 18!

Very proud but I've missed him tons.

StacyB said...

I think this is my favorite pic of the nephews when they were young.

Lucy said...

Congratulations on the bride and grooms wedding. You sound so happy. Enjoy life!!!