Monday, September 8, 2008

Can Women Learn To Like Football?

It's football season and I wanted to re-post an article I wrote...remember ladies, if you can't beat them, join them!

Women enjoying a football this possible? If they understood the point of the game would it make a difference? This is a topic very close to my heart. I am a woman who LOVES football! I know, it's pretty unusual to find a girl who not only likes football, but knows all the positions, and can critique the players with the most expert male fan!

After several years of explaining the game to the supportive, but confused, "Pop Warner" mothers, I found that the problem does not lie within the "gender" factor, it is about knowledge. Men do not seem to have the patience or desire to take the time to teach their wives, daughters or girlfriends about this great American sport.

I first begin with the most simplistic and basic point of football.....the concept. I point out the orange markers, and tell them that the players have four plays to move the ball from the first marker, past the second marker. If they succeed, they get four more tries to hopefully score a touchdown. I explain what a down marker is and tell them that the number on the marker tells what "down" it is, (and remind them that they only have four attempts to pass the orange marker). If they do not succeed the other team takes over the ball and tries to score against our team by going through the same process.

Okay, I know it is VERY basic information, but I can't tell you how excited they become once they are aware of the general idea behind game that they spend two hours watching every Saturday.

After they start to understand the basics, we eventually get into positions and the purpose behind each position. As the season progresses, I am amazed at the excitement and enthusiasm that the women have developed. They become united; they scream, cheer and run up and down the field with each other. The bond has now been created, as the men look at their wives with a new found sense of pride. Can women learn to love football? My answer is an emphatic, YES!


Tinabean said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your dear friend.
Death of a loved one is never easy.
I can speak kinda for your friend karen because I to lost a husband and people don't need to really say anything just a hug helps more than you could know.
Just know that you have friends & family that care helps make it a bit easier.
Oh & by the way I LOVE Football!!!

~Trish~ said...

Excellent article! I'm going to link to it today in my blog if you don't mind :)

Imperfect said...

I found you through SITS and I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one! I absolutely love football...and my mom is the one who instilled that in me. She comes from a family of die-hard Steelers fans. I tell my Hubby that he's lucky he has a wife that considers watching a game on Sunday time well spent together! Thanks for encouraging women to learn the game.

mommaof4wife2r said...

hey there....found you through SITS...and I LOVE's a total fam affair here, and we have 4 girls. So, I appreciate you educating other women. Good work.

On another that you have the ocean all over your site makes me smile! also, hebrews 11:1, 6...Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what we can not see. Truer words can not be spoken!

nice meeting you...will be back soon.

* TONYA * said...

I came over here from Trish's blog. Seems I need to learn a little something about liking football :).

I see you are in the OC, not too far from me. I'm a little further down south in SD but spend a lot of time up your way.

Frizzy and Bird said...

I came to you via Trish's suggestion. I already understood the game but really hoped you would have another trick to falling in love with it. I'll keep trying is all I can say. Thanks for sharing! It's nice to meet you.

Tiffany said...

Love football. Dated a coach for 2 years and learned it all. Once you understand the game, it a so much fun to watch!

We are big time Trojan fans over here and I can't wait for Saturday!

SimplyEverything said...

I just can't get into football for the life of me! Trust me, I wish I would, considering that my boyfriend is obsessed. He refers to Sundays in football season "Christmas"...I don't know what he's smokin'! Maybe I'll give it another shot this year.

Robin said...

I am SO football challenged! Great post..

I haven't been by in so long, durn it, but I'm back now..So sorry about Coach Mike. I can't imagine what his family is going through. Prayers to his family as well as to Luke and his..


WheresMyAngels said...

Only way I will ever watch it, is if I know someone playing personally, like my child! lol I'm so happy my husband doesn't watch either.

Tj and Amy said...

I have always loved watching football better to be there of course. I definately thinks it helps out if you do understand the game. love the pic of you jumping!

~Trish~ said...

I don't know about you but I think we are helping to convert non football lovin' women to women who might give it a shot!!!

Cecily R said...

I've been married to a football freak for almost 13 years. It took me a few years but I really do enjoy the game and love hanging out with him to watch. I'm slowly understanding the fundamentals...slowly.

What I really need from you is how to be a football MOM. That's what I'm not sure about! :)