Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How To Be A Football Mom

I will start this out with something that is very familiar to all of you ladies...FASHION. This is a must when attending your children's games. You should ALWAYS wear your team colors...this does not mean barretts and ribbons...PLEASE leave that for the cheerleaders! Find a cute top...nothing fancy, just something that matches their home and away jersey's (this is a great excuse to go shopping, and the hubby will always support anything involving football....they have even mastered this concept).

Now, with the first step making you feel at ease...we will move on. Make sure they have plenty of gatorade and/or water. Studies show that most kids are dehydrated before they even step onto the field. I usually have my kids drink nothing but water the night before and day of the game. Dehydration seems to be a huge problem in the high schools and middle schools due to the fact that most kids drink soda or sweetened fruit juice in place of water. Limit their soda intake before practice and games!

Third, make an honest effort to understand the game and what your sons particular position and
responsibility is. Taking an interest will help you enjoy the game and will be able to give your kids advice and "reminders" of what to do in the game. This step may take a while...but it is very rewarding when they actually listen to you!

Fourth, DO NOT GO ON THE FIELD AT ANY TIME! No going out to help them up when they get tackled, tripped, shoved, hit or pushed...this is football and you must sit in the stands. The exception to this rule would be if they remained on the ground and the coaches have come out to look at them and they have remained down. Then, I repeat, only then, can you head out onto the field. I have seen to many moms rush out, frantically screaming, only to have their son look in horror, jump up, and run AWAY from their moms...completely embarrassed! I will tell you that the most severe injuries that my children received were from skateboarding, bike riding and playing around with friends...NOT football!

Fifth, get involved, be a team mom, help with fundraisers, cook for the dinner nights...the years fly by and before you know it they are moving out and you will have so many memories of the hours and hours you've spent together on the gridiron.

Football teaches life lessons..learning about teamwork, struggle, camaraderie, and perserverance...the things that can only be learned through experience!


~Trish~ said...

Oh sooo true! ALL of it! Kyler got hurt during a basketball game last year. He got knocked down and it looked like he hit his head really hard. Took him a bit to get up with the coaches help but I was a good mom and stayed in my seat. Once he got to the bench and I knew he was ok, I went down and sat behind him and asked how he was then I asked if he would've been embarressed had I gone on the field and he said OH MY GOD MOM YES! hahaha, whew did the right thing :)

~Trish~ said...

field aka is football season not basketball season give me a break ;)

April said...

Ohhh...ok, thanks for the tips. I really know nothing about football so it sounds like I'm going to have to go to some games with you so that you can teach me the ropes! Thanks!

Cecily R said...

Thanks Lisa! You are AWESOME!! That was perfect! Now if only I could actually sit down and watch a whole game this season instead of chasing the baby, we'd be golden! :)

Mommy Cracked said...

I hope someday to be a team mom, so this was a very informative post. Good job!