Thursday, September 11, 2008

Football & More...

Touchdown Break Away!! (double click for close ups)

Interception Run Back For Touchdown ~

Breaking Tackles to the End Zone!

With all that's been going on lately...I haven't been able to update you on my kids football games.

Elijah (13 yr old) had an AMAZING first game...he scored THREE TOUCHDOWNS! Two of them were on 65 and 45 yard runs. He broke about 5 tackles to get to the end zone. It was amazing to watch...they had him wrapped up and everyone was saying, "How did he get out of that?" His third touchdown was on an interception and he ran it back 75 yards! Yep, I'm a proud mom! We won our second game also...Elijah scored anther touchdown.

Jullien (16 yr old) had a Varsity game...he made most of the tackles on the team. It was so great to see him out there on Varsity. He has worked SO hard. We killed the other team 63-8. We ended up in the emergency room, he made a tackle and then there was the dreaded dog pile on top of him. He bruised his ribs...thank goodness they weren't broken! He still is in a lot of pain. Luckily they have a Bye this week, he can have more time to heal. Edison would be in trouble without their strong safety!

Our Pop Warner team will be holding a dinner night this Friday, with ALL the proceeds going to Luke Gane (recovering from bone marrow transplant/aplastic anemia). Feels good to make a difference! We have put a request out to the entire league to get them to volunteer their dinner night proceeds also. We have had quite a lot of responses...what an amazing community we live in. THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!


~Trish~ said...


Awesome pics, makes me def want to get down on the field!!

Sorry the boy got hurt, glad it wasn't more but honestly, you and all of us readers knew something would happen right? LOL kidding!!

Tj and Amy said...

wow! guess my nephews are quite the athletes! congrats to them. I am glad ju ju is ok that is so scary so many things can happen in sports. guess thats the risk you take. sorry about your car, I can't believe that guy! Maybe he should learn how it works in america before he starts accusing people of things.