Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Just Got Hit!


So, I left work early to pick up my friends daughter...I was going to rush home to change (not knowing how long I'd be sitting at the hospital). Got on the freeway...then remembered I was almost out of gas. I don't get paid till Monday...didn't have enough to go ALL the way home and then back to Rachell's school. I quickly got off at the first exit, had to back track and take a different route. I was in the left hand turn lane (there were two designated turn lanes) I was in the one furthest to the left next to the double yellow lines. All of a sudden I see this old blue Chrysler heading straight toward my car. I didn't have time to get out of the way. He hit me, pushed me almost into oncoming traffic and his car bounced off of mine backwords into another lane.

He bashed into the rear passenger side door. It was an old man in his late 70's or so. He came to my drivers side window and with a german accent tried to tell me that it was my fault. He was a little confused and didn't realize that there were two turn lanes. I called the police and while I was on the phone with the operator...he came up to my window again...standing in a lane with oncoming traffic swerving to miss him. I said, "You need to get back in your car before you get hit." He said, "What?" I replied kind of forceful and bossy said "Get back in your car NOW!" The operator heard all of this and said, "Did he listen to you?" "Yes...he's walking back now."

So I waited for the police...didn't move my car because I wanted them to see that it was his fault. The police got there and I told them that he seems a little confused and explained what happened. He still tried to insist that it was my fault. Then the police told him again that there was two turn lanes and he came into mine. I feel kind of bad for him because once older people lose their license then they lose their independence. But, on the other hand they become a road hazard...guess I was lucky no one was seriously hurt. They gave him a ticket and told me that their report would reflect that he had caused the accident.


I picked up Rachell and headed to the hospital. My friend had been sent over from her doctor's office in an ambulance because her EKG was irregular and her blood pressure was sky high. We sat there with her...she was hooked up to everything and had an IV. She continued to have pains while I was there. The doctor said, "You can go home now...we don't know what's wrong but your EKG has been irregular in the past so I guess that's normal for you." I said, "WHAT IS CAUSING THE PAIN SHE KEEPS HAVING THEN." "I don't know could be a bruised rib, stress any number of things." So there you have we drove away, she got more severe pains. I told her to call me if she needs to go back, or if it's terrible, call the ambulance. CRAZY...I guess they needed her bed in the ER.

So I've had quite the day!!!


~Trish~ said...

Dr. Trish's orders - stay home, dont answer your phone, dont turn on the tv, leave the computer off...that way nothing can happen to you :)

April said...

Oh my try to do something nice for someone and look what happens! That stinks! I can't believe that man was trying to blame you. Sad! Anyways, I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

WheresMyAngels said...

I was going to say something like Trish did!

Glad your not hurt.

Lisa Petrarca said...

Thanks guys...I think you're right, hibernation for the next six months should keep me safe!~LOL