Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And It Started Good...

Yesterday I woke up, the sun was shining and all was right in my lil' world. I thought I would sail right through my day. Well that was until I headed down stairs, had a little confrontation with one of my teenagers, which upset me & sent my mind racing into, FIX IT mode (strike one).

I raced off to work, received an annoying phone call, (strike two). Then got home & had to deal with my "teenager problem." (strike three). I was OUT!

I mentally checked out of the day!

Isn't it crazy how you can wake up, feel great, then as the day progresses, your circumstances start to control your mood & your day?

I'm making a mental note of this & the next time I'm faced with a day like yesterday, I'm going to pray & make a choice not to let other people control my mood & choose the outcome of my day!


Kimmy said...

AMEN! I have felt like you on many occassions! We need God to help up with these choices :o)

Hope your day is a better one!

Lucy said...

I understand completely. I dislike those days intensely but they do pop up. I don't have teenagers at home and have not had for some time.

Anonymous said...

Yep, really hard not to let "circumstances" be in charge and control us. You'd think after this many years I'd get it right, but....... Guess I need to do a lot more praying and look for the positives (I NEVER have to look for the negatives. They pop their ugly heads up everyday and everwhere---darn!) And I'm sure that my perfect little teenage grandson would never cause his mommy problems!!! I love and miss you all. Mommy/Grandma ;o)

Suzette said...

I definitely know how you feel! =) It is so easy to let our circumstances control us, but if we did that, we would all have checked out of life a long time ago! Discouragement is one of Satan's favorite weapons, and we must learn how to recognize and dismiss it.

I wrote a post on my blog that sounds a lot like your story! Feel free to come visit, and look up "A Tale of Two Frances'." =) Keep on blogging girl, you are a blessing!