Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday Joshy

22 yrs old today!

I can't believe my oldest son is 22 today! It was just yesterday when I gave birth to a HUGE baby! He weighed almost 9lbs. & came out looking like a 3 mo. old. He had a full head of black hair & could lift his head up out of the hospital bed to look curiously at all of the family & friends staring at him through the glass window.

My niece (a year and half at the time), was trying to see her new baby cousin, spotted the only one with a full head of hair & shouted, to her mothers horror, "LOOK AT THE BABY MONKEY MOMMY!"

Most mothers think their baby is beautiful no matter how ugly they really are. I on the other hand knew that my baby wasn't very cute & I also was upset that I didn't have a "newborn" for my first time giving birth. This kid was a miniature man!

As the nurse came to give the lady in the adjoining room her baby, I listened as she said, "What a beautiful baby!" Next she brought Joshy into me & said, "WOW, look at all that hair!" I remember thinking, "Even the nurse thinks he's ugly!"

Thank goodness he grew into all that hair & cheeks. But I should have been careful what I wished for, he ended up being the most beautiful little boy. The girls would go crazy for him from the time he started kindergarten all the way through school.

Joshy was an incredible athlete always faster, more agile and athletic than all of the other boys his age. He was a 4 yr. Letterman in track & still holds records at Edison H.S. He also received MVP award for breaking the Freshman rushing record for a single season. He unfortunately tore his ACL his Senior year & was unable to play.

He currently is finishing cosmetology school & working. I'm so grateful that I was blessed with Joshy as my son. He has been such a joy in my life!

Reading my card/book...I always write too much!

Hugging my boy...they never grow up in a mothers eyes.

Joshy & his girlfriend Charmaine...waiting for cake & watchin the X-Games.

Jullien & Elijah...CAKE NOW PLEASE!

Makin' a wish

I love you...Happy 22nd Birthday!


Janae said...

Happy birthday indeed.

However, I am only 23. So I am a year and 6 months older than Joshy, and therefore was only a year and a half old when I excitedly pointed out the baby monkey.

April said...

Cute pictures! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys! Happy Birthday Joshy!!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Hahahhahha Nae...I was trying to remember, but you know how old age causes brain farts! Anyways, I thought, "A 1 1/2 yr. old couldn't talk that good!" Then I remembered that you've always been a lil' genius.

I'll change it!LOL!

Rodolfo Montanari said...

Hi Lisa,

happy to be in your nice blog, I live in Roma, Italy, my "children" have also reached 19 and 15 but it's fantastic to feel younger and younger with them

I love California, I came there so many years ago ..

See you soon !

Helmi said...

Haooy birthday to him! :-) That cake looks delicious!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Wishing to handsome Joshy Happy Birthday and above all health and happiness!

Anonymous said...

Our baby monkey grew up to be a beautiful gorilla----goooo Osh Kosh B-gosh! I can honestly say that the first time I saw him in the nursery, he took my breath away! ;o) I love my sweet, quiet and gorgeously handsome guy; and I'm so glad to have been able to spend a little time with him last month. Hugs and Loves, Grandma Carrie :o)