Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Their Here...Time To Party!

(Brother & Sister just recently reunited)

I finally was able to meet my long lost niece, Whitley. She came down here with my nephew, Johnny for a short visit. It's so awesome to immediately feel the family bond. It's weird how even though you've never met someone before & by all accounts they are a stranger, you still feel complete love for them!

This has been such a blessing for our family!~

I've made tons of plans because I love to be on the go. Now I just have to get my older sister to comply. You see, where I'm a go go go girl, my sister is more of a homemaker (she takes care of everyone & is the best cook in the world)...but I like to grab her, kicking & screaming & drag her out of her comfort zone.

I guess I do that to everyone in my life...I think they need more adventures because life is too short.

So my list so far is:
1. Beach & lunch tomorrow (they will go to the beach until I get off at 1:00)
2. Balboa tomorrow night
3. Beach Bonfire (Fri or Sat)
4. BBQ/Bike Ride (Sun)
5. Melrose, Santa Monica Pier & Venice (Monday...I'm off woo hoo!)
6. Tuesday is still open

any ideas?

Wednesday they fly out to Reno, NV. to meet my dad & stepmom.

I would love suggestions to other cool places in So. Cal. that I could take them. I'm sure I could squeeze more stuff in...Tuesday's open!LOL!


The Fashion Bloggess said...

WOW! love this post so much, just as much as i love your blog! Never fails to disappoint me! Such an inspiration, definitely a daily visit! Hope you can stop by mine sometime :)

The Fashion Bloggess

KC Mom said... are the party girl. If I came for a visit, I'd know who to contact!
My college girl is on a trip to Cali right now and spent yesterday at Hungington Beach. I'm not sure she's gonna want to go back to BYU next week!

~Trish~ said...

Can I come out to visit? hehe Have a great time!!

Lucy said...

They look alike!!! I am worn out with the plans you have already made.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kids! Too bad Disneyland is so darned expensive! I don't know if Whitley or Johnny have ever been? Probably Johnny, but not sure? Wish I was rich so I could treat all of you to a fun time! (How come my ideas always cost money???) I'm sooo glad my kids are all together---at long last. Wish I was there too. Love you all! Mommy/Grandma :o)

StacyB said...

It was a great evening, but I do wish that Jake's cell phone wasn't floating somewhere in the Pacific!