Friday, August 6, 2010

So You Want To Travel The World?

I've found an amazing site a while back & have traveled around the world via Philip's Blog. This week he featured my hometown post- Huntington Beach, CA.


It's amazing to see all the places, people & sites from all over the world.

If you have pictures/blog post from a trip you've taken or your hometown, Philip welcomes everyone's submittals.

Hey, it's also a great opportunity to meet people you never would have become friends with. So become an international traveler & stop by his blog


Debbie said...

I met Philip when I first starting blogging several years ago. He was one of my first 'followers'. He is a kind gentleman and is so cordial always.

One day when my husband and I get to visit Cyprus, we hope to meet Philip and his wife.

I loved how he included your Huntington Beach and interpreted it in other languages. He has one of mine that I wrote some time ago on The Biltmore in Phoenix.

So glad we met through Philip. He's good at doing that too. :)


Nuheila said...

Philip has a great blog,loved his post about you!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family :D


bravegrrl said...

definitely gonna check it out!