Sunday, August 8, 2010

Final Day of US OPEN

After church we headed down to the final day of US Open of Surf. We got there after the mens finals so I wasn't able to get any pictures of the actual competition, which I was hoping to.

Here's some pics of other things going on...we didn't stay very long because it was too packed.

my hubby

skate competition

hula hoop contest-he was really good!

these girls are amazed & afraid to lose to this old guy!

Elijah & friends...he caught me spying on him!

day of sailing

bring your own pool & rubber dolphin...chick magnet!LOL!

great day of fishing for everyone on the pier

daddy & daughter enjoying a moment

workin' on the dreads at the beach

rip tide (see the different colors)-life guard clearing people out of the area.

camera action everywhere

one man band

the crowds...i yigh yigh!

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