Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Strollin' Melrose & Venice Style

Yesterday we took my niece & nephew on the L.A. tour.


Tried on stuff, took pics & ate. It was so ridiculously hot!

niece whitley & my sons gf charmaine

whitley & my sister stacy...who picked out your hat?LOL!

me & my sis were obviously having an ugliest hat contest, who wins?

nice look joshy!

nephew johnny & joshy

you can never have enough shoes!

My son had to leave early to make it back to Orange County in time for work. He called my sister & let her know that there was a nice little present on her car.

They had posted this 2 hr. parking along a street that I always used to park on for hours at a time.

Well NONE of us noticed it. The ticket was hand written & the $55.00 amount was crossed out & they put $60.00. She was so upset. I already had to force her to come with us because she has major family drama going on with one of her sons.

Next we headed to Santa Monica pier. Walked around, sat at the end of the pier, kicked back and listened to this guy.

He had an absolutely incredible voice...who would've thought by looking at him? Goes to show ya...don't judge a man by his appearance.

nothing like a stroll on the santa monica pier...

The final stop ummmm yeah...idk...

What can I say...it's obviously Venice Beach, no questions needed, right? Check out the ladies faces!

My sister has been wanting a jacket that one of her friends got there. We found it right away, but decided to walk down a little further to see if we could find another store selling it to bargain the price. We didn't realize how far we had walked when all of a sudden everyone started closing up their shops.

My niece & I started running back to get to the store before it closed. We ran & ran & ran...but by the time we got there, it was closed! When my sister reached us, I think she wanted to cry. She said, "Wow...I get to pay a $60.00 ticket & I get to go home without my jacket!"

I couldn't help but laugh. I tried not to because I knew she was really upset. She went & sat on the bench away from me.

What a mean sister I am.

But in my defense, I was just shocked at how bad her luck is...& the whole thing was comical. I told her that she'll feel like laughing about it later.

The whole ride home she kept asking, "How do you like my $60.00 jacket?" As she held up her bright yellow parking ticket for us all to see...sending me into a laughing fit again.

On a positive note, my son & nephew went back there today & got the jacket for her...AND, she called on the ticket & they told her it had been voided. I told her, "SEE...everything worked out!"


Debbie said...

Your poor sister! But it sounds like it all worked out after all. Wow; what I'd give to go back to Santa Monica and walk along Venice Beach. My husband and I stayed at the Hyatt for over a month one year and loved spending time there. We even took roller blading lessons from Debbie on the beach. I wonder if she's still teaching there. :)


Your post is always fun...lovely shots!
Follow you follow me too!!!

April said...

Sounds like you all had fun!! Poor Stace! That was so nice of the boys to go and get that jacket for her! And I'm SO glad that ticket got voided...I knew she'd fight it! I updated my blog again today! Loves!

Anonymous said...

Wheez, you're so awesome! I love getting to not only know what all my kids/family are doing, but get to see picture of all the "happenings" as well! It sounds like you all had a super fun time (of course, we know our Stace had to have the best experiences. You know how she loves the attention----hee!) You know I'd be laughing too, but I'd be worried about her blood pressure. I think it's time for her to start using "The Secret" again! Love you all tons!!! Mommy/Grandma

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, one question. How come Johnny was standing on his tippy toes when it was just he and Lijey in the beach picture---ha! (Possibly a bit of his daddy---not wanting his younger cousin to be taller than him?) ;o) Ok, one more question? Who dressed Johnny and Jare Bear? I'm not seeing any matched outfits with these boys!!! What the heck??? I probably wouldn't have been able to be in a picture with these "NON-FASHIONISTA'S." Don't think I could have stood the embarrassment! LOL Mommy/Grandma

lahti shirley said...

Nice pictures ! i loved you blog :)

hugs from Brazil and Sweden .

Leesa said...

My old stomping grounds-- Santa Monica Pier!!! I used to go there as a teen and play in the arcade!! I used to be a Station 12 Local until we switched over south side in high school and then I was at Station 22 LOCAL!!! Whooo hoooo !!!!! Good times to be remembered!

Looks like you had fun shopping... I used to go to Melrose a lot in the 80s when I was in high school and shop at the second hand stores like Flip and Ardvark....