Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful Post!

Yesterday I got a call from my sister that our two boys were in an accident. I was working & had my phone on vibrate so I missed the call.

Lesson #1- NEVER put your phone on vibrate when you have children!

Lesson #2- Always remember to ask the Lord to protect your kids & family members EVERYDAY! (√) -did this one thank goodness!

My son Josh was the passenger & my nephew, who was driving was cut off, swerved, lost control, spun across the freeway, hit the guard rail head on & spun back around. Had the guard rail not been there, they would have gone over the side of the mountain. Josh hit his chest on the dashboard (wasn't wearing his seat belt & no airbags).

But since this is a thankful post...I'll let ya know that I am SO GRATEFUL that they were both okay & were able to walk away from this. It could have been really bad, considering this is what the car looked like & had to be sold to a salvage yard.

They are really sore & banged up but they're OK, and my heart is full of relief!


Kimmy said...

OMG!! I am so glad they are okay cause looking at the car, yes...I agree with you. That could have been so much worse. Seriously, I'm surprised they were able to walk away after seeing the car. God is good!!!! *hugs*

KC Mom said...

Oh Lisa! How scary! I'm so glad they are alright! When I see that car I imagine it could have been so much worse. Keep praying girl! It works.

Lisa Petrarca said...

Thanks Kimmy & definitely is a moms worst nightmare to get that kind of call.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Lis, when I found out they had been in an accident, but didn't know how bad it was, or if they were even alive, I was panicked! Brought back too many bad memories. Your brother was Joshy's age, as you know, when he didn't survive his accident. I said constant prayers at work, and was so grateful when I heard that they were relatively okay---I cried. I have been saying prayers of thanks ever since. I also told Josh that he HAS to wear his seatbelt. I love our boys, and I could not survive another loss. I am grateful that Heavenly Father protected them. They've been given a second chance. I hope they will realize how fragile life is and never take it for granted. Love to every member of my family! Mommy

therawpower said...

im glad that kids are ok, phew...
i dun have kids, but i can understand how u feel....take care love
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Leesa said...

Hi Lis -

Just saying a HUGE prayer of thanks and relief after reading this post. They were truly being 'watched over' because that car is in realllly bad shape and I'm sooo thankful to God that they are both okay!
I have been in three life-threatening accidents so I know how fragile life is... I have had serious and permanent injuries from my accidents but I DO thank God that I lived and escaped major injuries!
God bless them both. And, since your son wasn't wearing a seatbelt, he is especially blessed because he was not wearing a seat belt- and PLEASE tell him from me especially that even though it's not fun to wear a seat belt- they really DO save lives-- I'm living proof of that... And them them both that I am VERY happy they are okay.
God bless you all...

Debbie said...

Oh my, you have much to be thankful for! It must have been horrible to see the photos of the car and yet ...praise God that your son is well and alive and walking. A small miracle!

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me on Heart Choices. I'm thrilled to find you in this blogosphere. I was so happy to read that you are also a Christian.


Lucy said...

You and the boys are living a blessed life. Form the looks of the car it is a miracle they did not get hurt seriously.

bravegrrl said...

oh i am sooooo happy they are ok!!!


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