Thursday, August 12, 2010

He Got The Payback

I posted a while ago about how my hubby "accidentally" locked me out of the house...(READ STORY HERE).

I promised to get him back & I did!

He came home from work & asked if I had fed the dog. I said, "No, can you do it?" When he went outside I quickly locked the door & headed upstairs to get my camera.

He started knocking & yelling at me to open the door. I looked down from upstairs & was laughing at him.

He didn't like it very much...can you tell by his face?

As I came down, he was trying to squeeze through the doggy door, but realized that he would get stuck. I tried to get the picture of his head peeking through the door , but he backed out too quick!

I continued to leave him out there. He finally gave up & started doing yard work. Guess that's one way to make them do their chores!LOL!

At least I gave him a warning that I was going to get him back! I finally let him in & I was the only one laughing.


bravegrrl said...

haha! too funny! that would have been major blackmail material if you got the shot of him coming through the doggy door :D

Lucy said...

That is a feel good entry!! I remember when you wrote about him locking you out. Way to go!!!

DUTA said...

Little incidents like this make life more spicy. The pictures with your husband's annoyed look are worth a thousand words. Let's hope he has learnt his lesson.