Tuesday, August 3, 2010

US Open of Surfing-Huntington Beach, CA

The US Open of Surfing, sponsored by Hurley, has arrived in Huntington Beach, California, aka Surf City USA (see full schedule-bottom of post). This week long event has been going on annually since 1959 & was initially called the "West Coast Surfing Championship." It has changed its name over the years & in 1964 became the "United States Surfing Championship". In 1982 it was known as the "OP Pro", named after the events sponsor Ocean Pacific. Finally becoming the US Open of Surfing in 1994.

The competition is held on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier & is a qualifying process for the ASP World Tour. A win at this event gives a whopping 6,500 ASP rating pts., giving a possible automatic 3rd place finish in a World Title Event. This venue also plays host to everything from surfing, BMX, Skateboarding, Music Concerts & a Beach Fashion Show. This years purse is $250,00.00 for the men & $60,000.00 for the women. Chump change!

It's hard to find a spot to park your bike let alone a car!

Last weekend we rode our bikes down to Day 1 of the US Open of Surfing. I took pictures of the girls practicing. It amazed me how far women's surfing has come over the years. These girls surf as well as guys...even better than most Non-Pro men.

Here are some of the girls in action:

There was a nice straight south swell that came in.

Girl Power in action!

There were guys out in the water practicing also & I couldn't resist this shot...he was really good!

Check out that lineup...now that's a battle for waves

Watching the action from above

Next weekend will be ridiculously crowded with the mens surfing finals starting Sunday @ 11:59 a.m.

Here are a few things going on away from the water-
Street dancers performing

High riding juggling act

Reptiles in the crowd

This area will soon be flooded with people & vendors

The Grandstands

Last year we couldn't get any where near the water in this area, so we walked to the other side of the pier, headed back up along the edge of the water & stood directly under the pier to watch. That was until a huge "cleanup" of waves crashed into the crowd knocking people down, carrying clothing & my flip flops out to sea! Which left me running back up the hot sand, to the even hotter boardwalk, finally limping (due to my newly formed blisters) into the store to buy new flip flops.

Kids at play

Skim Boarding

It was nice to capture this couple finding a quite moment alone, away from the crowds at the very end of the pier.

So if you're looking for something to do this weekend, as you can see, you can find it ALL in Huntington Beach, California!

More pictures to come!






Phivos Nicolaides said...

Stunning place and gorgeous pictures! Love to see them all in "Taxidiaris"! Hugs. Philip

therawpower said...

The surfing is looking so much fun

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Debbie said...

Hi Lisa! I stopped by after reading about your blog on Philip's Traveling blog. The surfing photos are awesome. You have a beautiful family.

I love California!

Our last names are similar.

Debbie Petras

Lisa Johnson said...

Those surfing photos are AWESOME! I especially love that 2nd one of the black guy. You're so talented, and thanks for sharing all the fun beach action with those of us that aren't anywhere near a beach! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!I like your blog!:)

bravegrrl said...

great photos grrl! and you are looking HOT!! i wanna see that bathing suit, the top is so cute :)