Saturday, August 21, 2010

Didn't Happen As Planned

Well my plans kind of fell through, nobody made it here in time to go to Long Beach to watch the Red Bull Flugtag.

We didn't make it down to the beach early enough to secure a bonfire pit. I called my sister who lives 45 min. away to tell her that we would still bbq at the beach but NO bonfire. Then my hubby just randomly called his friend to see how the surf was today & he said that they had a pit (they got there at 6:00 am to save it.) He said we were welcome to join we are still on for the bonfire!

Besides, we'll get there just in time to watch the birds, dolphins & seals feeding (usually around 5 or 6 pm).

I took these shots at Jalama Beach in the evening (double click to view larger)

Jullien surfin' & watching the pelicans

Sometimes I guess it's kind of nice to just relax.


April said...

Oh darn! Well, at least you still have the bonfire! Wish I was there with you all!
Love you!

DUTA said...

The intense color of the water and the pelicans in your pictures are just..maddening.

KC Mom said...

Sorry your plans fell through. That can be disappointing.
At least you have those amazing photos!

bravegrrl said...

yes, the photos are great and relaxing is great too :)

i am going to santa barbara for a couple days and i'm soooo excited!

i hope you are having a great weekend gorgeous!


~Trish~ said...

Even if you hadn't gotten a pit, you still would've had a great time because it's who you are with that makes it special :)